Article will be hosting an informative series on the first year of owning a Schnauzer. Watching social media questions about confused new owners was the driving force to put something into writing and video that was easy to understand, and solid informative advice from a team of owners who have over half a century of owning, breeding, and raising Schnauzers. Instead of spending hours of addressing endless issues regarding a question on their new dogs which disappears and is buried on social media, we would rather setup a concise and well informed guide consisting of videos and posts regarding each step of owning a Schanuzer:

1) Consideration & research 2) Hand-on Experience
3) breeder vs rescues 4) AKC vs not registered
5) Expected Expenses 6) Home assessment
7) Selecting a breeder 8) Illnesses for Schnauzers
9) Selecting a good vet 10) Feeding My Puppy
11) Everyday Maintenance 12) Medicines, preventatives
13) Housebreaking & Training 14) Socialization & Exercise

As we grow the series, there will be advice on all three types of Schnauzers : Miniature, Standard (where it all began) and Giant Schnauzers. Although they are all Schnauzers, each have characteristics unique to their breed  and need to be addressed individually. Although many parts of the advice are applicable to all 3 breeds, there are many differences even though they share a common bloodline.




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